Plumbing and Electrical

In our business, collaboration is the key to providing the best service to customers as there are areas of expertise that can complement our own. We have teamed up with Trident of Falmouth who specialise in plumbing, heating and electrical services.

We work with house builders and letting agents, and along with Trident, provide domestic appliances and installation in an enhanced all-in-one service.

Combining services and expertise in this way means that domestic customers benefit too. We sell numerous home appliances including washing machines, dishwashers, ovens and tumble dryers with a full delivery and installation service. Getting an electric shower installed for example used to mean dealing with two companies, but our customers can now have professional plumbers and electricians visit in one phone call to A1 Appliances.

If you have a specific enquiry about plumbing or electrical services you can contact Trident directly on 01326 218734 or visit their website.